Hey, this is Hux.


Hey,我是黄玄,程序员 & 设计师,演说.io 作者,前淘宝网 · 阿里旅行·去啊前端团队资深实习生,中国传媒大学 · 数字媒体艺术 2012 级。目前任职于微影时代 · 微票儿,负责前端基础工程团队

一些作品和开源项目,👉 戳 PortfolioGithub;除了在博客写点东西外,我也是 GDG 字幕组的译者之一、前端外刊评论 · 知乎专栏的维护译者之一、知乎专栏 · 一生想做浪漫极客 的创办者。


Yet another Frontend Engineer.
Yet another Lifelong Designer.

Hi, I am Huang Xuan(黄玄),you can call me Hux. I'm an engineer & a designer who loves to build software such as Yanshuo.io and more (Portfolio 👉 and Github 👉). I studied Digital Media Art and graduated from Communication University of China in 2016.

As an engineer, I work at Wepiao (see CrunchBase) as the dev lead of Front-End Infrastructure Team, and used to intern at Alibaba Trip for one year. As a designer, I was offered to be the UI/UX Designer Intern of Alibaba, Microsoft etc.

Moreover, I'm also a translator at GDG China Subtitle Team, maintainer at Frontend Magazine and the owner of Lifelong Romantic Geek.